Kidney Health

 Symptoms and Solutions 


Incontintence and Urinary Problems

As a pet grows older they tend to develop kidney and bladder weaknesses.There are a number of things we can do to prevent and treat mild forms of kidney disfunction.

Note: Kidney disease and failure is life-threatening. If kidney disease is suspected always consult a vet.


These may include:

  • An over concentration of protein in diet.
  • Infection in the bladder or kidneys.
  • Age related degenerative causes.
  • Excessive consumption of red meats.
  • Over consumption of processed dried foods.
  • Poor oral health.

Clinical signs:

  • Frequent urination
  • Leaking urine in house
  • Often with excessive thirst and stiffness in the hind end.
  • Straining at time of voiding
  • Repetitive territorial spraying indoors.
  • Offensive breath odor.
  • Gum disease.
  • High phosphate levels.
  • Levels of certain protein enzymes and chemicals such as creatinine and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) will also be high.
  • Abnormal electrolyte levels,
  • Elevated blood pressure.
  • Urine that is neither concentrated or dilute, thus indicating the kidney’s inability to process the urine correctly.

Place your pet onto a high quality limited protein diet The following diet is recommended for kidney problems:

115 grams of liver or chicken

Note: do not feed any fish or fish products as that increases levels of urea which puts additional strain on the kidneys.

2 hard boiled eggs ( sulphur based protein/ taurine that will make the flaxseed oil soluble in water)

350 grams or 2cups of boiled brown rice.

1 tsp of Omega oils

1 tablespoon of calcium carbonate to address pH levels and to act as a natural phosphate binder.  This may be given by using crushed eggshells in a tsp of lemon juice to form the bio-available calcium-citrate.

Give phosphate binders immediately after food in order to block the excess phosphorus in the food from entering the bloodstream.


¼ tsp of potassium chloride


Alternative Preventative and Herbal Treatment.

  • Start with a laxative diet using linseed tea. 1 tsp of fresh seeds in a coffee grinder. Cover with warm water and add half tsp to feed.
  • Cleanse kidneys with a tea of cleavers. One handful of fresh herb steeped in hot water for ¾ hour or may be boiled with chicken and rice.
  • Slowly dry the following weeds in the lowest setting in the oven until crisp and rub until a power is formed. Sprinkle ½ tsp. over feed daily parsley leaves, stinging nettle, and dandelion.
  • Add the following seeds to food if your animal will eat them parsley, celery and fenugreek.
  • Grate raw carrot over feed daily for dogs.
  •  St John’s Wort may help with bladder and stress related bladder weakness.daily in food. Dosage according to weight. St John’s Wort is a well recognised remedy for repetitive behavioural urination.
  • Give tonics which have uva ursi, marshmallow root, birch leaves, couch grass tops and roots.
  • Kidney herbs like hydrangea, willow weed given as a powder sprinkled over feed or as a tincture.
  • Saw palmetto is a specific for urinary tract and kidney conditions. A few drops daily until condition improves.
  • Quarter tsp of Evening Primrose daily will help address inflammation.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this page must not be used in place of professional veterinary treatment . We recommend that either a qualified herbalist or your animal professional carry out diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Herbal remedies must not be given not be taken in conjunction with other medication with out consulting a medical professional.

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