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The topic we have been discussing is Cushings which seems to be on the increase . In hte past it tended to be just elderly ponies but now younger horses and ponies seem to be getting this condition at a younger age. The one herb that may help address this problem is vitex agnus. It can be administered in the form of a concentrated extract or as a whole herb to be added as part of the feed regime. Further down I have the plant profile illustrating its active ingredients and their potential effects

Equine Specials


Vitex agnus Hormone Balancer is suitable for both mares geldings and stallions. It acts on the pituitary



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Something that can be affected by Cushings is blood flow to hooves and extremities . We have a concentrate that helps with mobility and may help the EMS and Cushings-prone horse feel more comfortable


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This product has three key ingredients from three herbs all working together to make the horse more comfortable and mobile




Product Description for Mobility Concentrate









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