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We have decide to run this special a few weeks in advance of Guy Fawkes just so you are aware that something can be done to help your pets through this often scary time of year.  Here is a link to our pet page on Nervous pets and Traumatised horses.

Valerian is an herbal sedative that requires testing before it is actually required. We also have Seda Pet and Passion flower as alternatives.


This Special Ends Midnight Friday 13th of October  2017

Here is the summary of the plant profile for Valerian

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Now this comment turned up on my Face Book page. “Love all the products we use for our animals and very proud that we do not use ANY chemicals for our cats, dogs, horses. Hira products keep them glowing with good health. I am also loving the Green Gold Skin Complex, wow!! makes my skin feel and look amazing. The Ashwaghanda you suggested for John has worked incredibly well and he is back to being an “Energiser Bunny”. Bless you Everdien and many thanks for all your wonderful advice.XXX😍😍.”

I have selected a few comments (many more in our records but too many to share here)  made over the years regarding our Anti AL MAG Now as part of the special this month make sure that you comment and share to get the extra 5% off

  • Vitex agnus Hi Everdien,Can I please order another 500ml bottle of the Hormone Balancer?  My mare seems so much happier on it!  I’m so stoked! Thanks E
  •  Vitex agnes  My pony’s ACTH levels have dropped back in the normal range after a month of twice daily Chaste berry extract, would you still recommend an ongoing daily 3ml dose of your extract? He is a 14.1hh gelding in normal body weight. cheers
  • Vitex agnus Ps I have had great success with this product on tb geldings. I used it a few years ago on one who got very anxious before dressage, at home his work would score in the high 70’s in eventing dressage but at events he was so tight and anxious he would only score low 60’s. After using hormone balancer a few days before the test he was scoring low to mid 70’s and placing in the top 5.  I have recently started using on a horse I was about to give up on. He’s really nappy and always thinks about going to his paddock or back to the truck. He doesn’t do anything naughty but just runs through the shoulder, then rushes toward exit of arena or paddock.  After one 10ml dose, he was just a normal horse to ride, not one nap or bulge through the shoulder!!
  • Vitex agnus Hi Everdien, can I have some mare hormone stuff please. I stopped using it a couple of months ago and my mare has turned into a dragon : ( the 1 litre please
  • Vitex agnus Hi The hormone balancer is working a treat – I have my horses mind back!!!Please can I order a bigger container of it as I will keep her on it now.Thanks N
  • Vitex agnus and Anti Al MAG Hope you are well.Fabulous results with your products 🙂 my mare is much less of a “Tour Guide” and spends much more time “inside her body”. I posted something on FB and mentioned you hope that’s ok. Please can I place another order for both products.Many thanks Sue
  • Vitex agnus and Anti Al MAG Recently I had the opportunity to put 2 of Hira Labs horse products to the test. I started using Hira Hormone Balancer Vitex Agnes and Hira Equi-Anti-Al MAG Tonic for my mare, Trix, who I describe as a “Tour Guide” always looking for something to tell you about which can be a bit intimidating when it is combined with a horse who is often not present in her own body and it’s questionable that she has any clue that I am NOT 16hh and weigh 500kg.After not riding for at least 2 weeks due to weather and other commitments we blew caution to the wind and instead of running off to the sanctuary of the arena we opted for a forest ride. In addition, our forest ride companion was a young mare instead of the usual older stable gelding companions that have ensured we get home safely in the past.On previous attempts to get Trix to hack out either on her own or with a “not so brave” companion she has literally thrown her toys! Something I prefer to avoid. But on this occasion I thought let’s put the products to the test Unloading Trix at the forest was much calmer than usual and instead of screaming at me “Look there’s another horse”, she just mentioned it in passing whilst I tied her up to the float.Once mounted there was a moment when my friend and I thought we weren’t going to get much further than the car park as both horses planted their feet. After a little patience and reassurance Trix took up the lead and we were off – no temper tantrum We had a fabulous ride both mares happy to either be the leader or the follower. When there was something that they were unsure about we just paused until they found the courage to continue, Andrew Maclean suggests counting for about 13 – 17 seconds.Thank you Everdien van Eerten for your fabulous products and Ann Montgomery for suggesting Hira Labs.

Some also from Australia:
Please note our Australian distributor is Carol Hamilton. I will add the link to her page later

  •  Vitex agnes and St John’s Wort  Hi Everdien,I believe that I am making some progress with my mare. I am not sure whether the herbs are helping or not but she certainly does seem a lot calmer these days and our training is progressing so I am keeping her on your recommended regime.It is really good that Ann now has a supply of your products and that we can get replacements in a day or two! RegardsAngela Carroll (Australia)


This is the plant constituent summary for Valerian





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