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To place an order just email us info@hiralabs.co.nz along with your delivery details and we will process your order as soon as we get your email.

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Be sure to contact us by emailing info@hiralabs.co.nz or  info@hiralabs.com or simply message us on Facebook


 While every effort is made to ensure the quality of our product, no statement or information contained on this page construed as a claim that this product is a cure,

mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease or any other medical condition.This information is to be regarded as a product guide only. Hira Laboratories will not be held responsible for the use or misuse of any products listed. We recommend that either a qualified herbalist or your veterinary professional carry out diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

We send out a general newsletter on horse management with specials and free samples through our distribution email. If you are interested in being included in our newsletter mail list contact us at info@hiralabs.co.nz

These specials will be valid until Friday the 27th of April 2018

Equine Specials

We put something up about the importance of Magnesium on our Face Book page and in this link to magnesium facts  and where it may be found in nature ie in the chlorophyll of plant, in parent rock, coarse sands and soils.

In a perfect world where artificial fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides are not used ie  where we graze our horses on a bio-diverse environment with the feeds we give our horses are all mixed at home and organic without transfats from added polyunsaturated oils, we probably would not need to supplement with magnesium at all. However we do not live in a perfect world and there are times especially spring and autumn it is wise to supplement with Magnesium


Skin Care Specials

This is our ever popular combo. 100% natural with no added fillers, petroleum based or animal based products. Information on our skin care can be found by following this link Skin Care

People Specials


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